Reader matter:

My ex-girlfriend banged me personally of the woman home in March 2012. The past time I spoke to the lady on the telephone ended up being early December 2012.

Can I contact the lady?

-Thomas (Missouri)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

Dear Thomas,

In a word: Exactly Why? Why did she kick you out of the woman household? And just why want to return along with her?

Take into account the answers to those two questions before taking my personal after that advice.

Any time you really want the next connection together with her, you much better have actually completely altered the conduct that irked her before. Generating her rely on right back would be difficult.

Next, the both of you should try to learn some much better dispute resolution abilities. I promise if you fought many before, you will definitely battle more now, therefore learn to contain yourself and hold your own language.

Finally, regardless if she desires it, don’t rush back into a sexual commitment. The hormones and neurotransmitters involving intercourse could make you less capable forge the mental hookup you will require for a lasting, safe connection.

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